inline inspection of multi-diameter pipeline


bumpers for jacket


Elastomers for offshore jackets


Offshore Jacket Pile Grippers


Pipeline Inspection & Integrity


No-Dig Services


20 wire, a Johnson Screens breakthrough


Fresh water from the sea




In 1981 Sandro Brozzetti founded SB Oil Tool Supply, a Company acting as representative agent and dealer of foreign equipment and instruments manufacturers and of specialized service contractors operating in the oilfield (drilling, production, transport of oil and gas), in the water sector (water wells, water treatment), in the filtration industry (chemical and food).

SB Oil Tool Supply has built up a positive reputation throughout its customers by quickly responding to inquiries, by completing deliveries in time, by performing deals and services correctly and with skilled personnel.

All SB Oil Tool Supply's personnel is working by objectives.

The main scopes of work of the company are: to source from the international market innovative and suitable equipment & services required by the clients, to supply professional advice, to grant after-sale assistance and ensure tight communication with the principals during project performance.
It is part of the activity to manage freight and delivery, customs clearing for import / export operations through reliable and experienced logistic partners.


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